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I love sharing the message of menogo and The Midlife Slice.

Inspiring women to say YES! to themselves and to make the second half of their life, their best half – live a life of passion, purpose and well-being – is what I do best. 

If you are all about making midlife a time for women to express themselves fully and live a life they love, then let’s talk!

I’d love to collaborate and create – I can come and talk to your women’s networking group, to your co-workers, participate in panel discussions or conduct group workshops, or we can develop something new, an event that we work on together.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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    LET'S collaborate


    Menopause101 & Preparing to see your GP

    Menopause in the Workplace

    Putting the 'Me' into Menopause

    Successfully Navigating Your Midlife Transitions

    Farewell 40s, Well HELLO! 50s

    Creating Balance in Midlife

    Journaling, Mindfulness & Gratitude

    Confidence in Midlife

    Self-discovery & Personal Growth

    Vision Boards, Serendipity & Practical Manifestation


    Life is… getting up early to live an hour more.
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    Be Inspired

    “Lynda has been a positive impact on my life, a strong mentor, inspirational and now a friend. I would recommend any woman who wants to re-evaluate their life, change their career or simply learn to enjoy what life has to offer to explore coaching with her.”

    “Lynda is not a fixer, but she has the ability to give you the tools to look at yourself, challenge your perception and be confident to make a change. She is filled with positivity and hope, and does not judge you on your current position in the world. She wants only for you to be your best self, to share that with others and for you to succeed.”

    Say Hello!

    Have a question? Want to share an idea? Ready to start coaching? I’m here to help.

    Feel free to call 0750 3040790, use this form, drop me an email or private message me on Menogo’s social media.

    EMAIL: [email protected]

    PHONE: 0750 3040790

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