Get Ready For Your Dream Man ... Workshop with Aska Kolton

Get Ready For Your Dream Man … with Aska Kolton

Are you tired of being single?

Or maybe you are done with the soul-destroying dating and meeting the wrong guy after the wrong guy?

Are you worried that you will never meet the right guy?

Then join Menogo and dating detox expert, Aska Kolton, to learn how to attract the right man in 2018 whilst becoming the right woman for him.

Root yourself in love and you will grow in happiness. Anon

A few words from Aska

I get you as I was single for 7 years at some point in my life. I had also become a serial dater and had reached the point of exhaustion. I took a break and focused on me and the inner work.

And then I became a new woman and found love effortlessly.

So, stop worrying and know there is something you can do to find love in 2018! Your journey to your perfect man starts from here.

I will point you in the right direction so you get ready for love and attract the most amazing man who will be ready to commit.

During the workshop you will learn:

  • Aska’s personal story which led her through 110 dates, 7 years of singledom and 1 dating detox to an amazing relationship
  • The 6 steps you need to get ready for love
  • The secret which can make the right guy get hooked on you
  • How to change your mind-set to find love
  • 3 qualities you need to develop to be noticed by great men
  • 1 obstacle which stands in the way of attracting the love of your life

Are you ready to find love in 2018?

Then join Menogo and Aska on Saturday 24th March for an afternoon of practical advice, fun and enlightenment.

And also get to meet some wonderful ladies who are on the same journey as you.

Date: Saturday 24th March, 2018
Location: Bournemouth – address provided on booking
Time: 1pm – 4pm
Tickets: £35

For more information feel free to message me at

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Get Ready For Your Dream Man ... with Aska Kolton

Join Menogo and our guest dating detox expert, Aska Kolton, to learn how to attract the right man in 2018 whilst becoming the right woman for him.

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Be Inspired

“Being in a group and seeing where people are at made me realise that we all have fears and things that hold us back. Being able to look at these, break them down and realise that the only thing that is stopping me is me made me realise that I have so much opportunity in my life.

It was also great to go away with some concrete actions and some life tools I can use again.” Dani

“Working with Lynda has been a real eye-opener. I’ve always questioned myself about my life and work; what I should be doing, what are my priorities, what makes me happy – but it was only when I attended a workshop about 2 years ago, in a time when I was particularly lost, that I managed to organise my thoughts and form a plan.” Harry

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