For all midlife explorers looking to turn their 'messy middle' into a time of positive transformation.
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Are you looking to indulge in some ‘me-time’ and connect with your dreams, re-ignite your optimism and return to your life feeling energised and invigorated with direction and purpose?

Are you ready to you discover what possibilities are available to you?  

Are you ready to design your own vision for midlife and beyond and feel good about yourself and your life once again?

Then join me, and other like-minded midlife explorers, at the ‘SAY YES! to You’ vision board one-day retreat to pause, explore and create:

PAUSE to reconnect with yourself and do some inner guided reflection that is fun and impactful

EXPLORE what’s possible for you and your life by tapping into your creativity, and re-evaluating what’s important to you

CREATE a vision for your midlife that inspires action by accessing your own inner wisdom to find answers to your midlife questions

People may call midlife “a crisis”. But it’s not. It’s an unravelling – a time when you feel a desperate pull to live the life you want rather than the life you’re supposed to



Feeling stuck and seeking clarity, direction and purpose?

Curious about who you are now and what’s next for you?

In need of a reset, a re-evaluation of your priorities and a realignment of your life with your values?

Looking to bring focus and action to a specific idea, project or area of your life – your health, relationships, a travel adventure or a new career?

Keen to change your perspective about your age and what’s possible for you?

Approaching the big 5-0 and feeling a sense of overwhelm?

In a place of fear, looking to the future with dread rather than courage and confidence?

Feeling ‘just not yourself’, not fully sure of who the woman is in the mirror, but know you are in there … somewhere?

Ready to rise from your midlife unravelling and thrive in life once again?


Contemplating the ‘what-if’s’ and asking yourself some big midlife questions such as …

    Does my work fulfil me or has the joy disappeared? Is there something that better aligns with my values that I can do?

    What makes me feel alive? What do I love doing? How do I want to invest my time?

    How can I get my health and fitness back on track and feel more energised?

    Where do I want to travel? What do I want to experience? Who do I want to share it with?

    What have I accomplished that I am proud of? What would I still like to achieve?

    Are there things in my life I need to let go of, change, or do differently, in order to create space and energy for something new?

    What do I want more of in my life? What desires are emerging? What’s on my bucket list?

    Yes, that’s me … tell me more!

    The unravelling is a time when you are challenged by the universe to let go of who you think you are supposed to be and to embrace who you are. 



    At the retreat you will be invited to take an intentional and life-affirming pause, immerse yourself fully, get curious and be open to discovery, express yourself freely and creatively and find your flow whilst also benefiting from the support and collect wisdom of the group.

     You will also be introduced to the art of practical manifestation and how, by tapping into your own innate wisdom and taking inspired action, you will make your vision a reality.

    PAUSE – We’ll start our day together with a beautiful guided meditation that will bring you into the present moment, quieten any internal ‘noise’ and create space for ideas to flow. 

    EXPLORE – Next we’ll ask some thought-provoking questions to help you discover what you want out of life. This will help you in finding your desired balance and help you to identify what’s important to you. By understanding the big picture, you can then start to take inspired action towards creating the life you want.

    CREATE – Let the creativity begin! A quick introduction to vision boarding, before you immerse yourself in the magic of the process. We’ll dedicate quality time to this part of the retreat so you leave with a vision board you feel connected to and that will inspire you to take action!

    MAKING IT HAPPEN – And finally, you’ll be introduced to the art of PRACTICAL manifestation. Now it’s time to tap into your inner wisdom and start to take inspired action that will move you closer to achieving your dreams!


    This immersive experience offers:

    Holistic Life Review: Obtain a clear, helicopter view of your life. Reflect, reset, and see your life in a new light.

     Tailored Midlife Insights: Personalised insights addressing unique midlife challenges, empowering confident decisions.

    Vision Crafting and Goal Setting: Energising vision crafting, intentional goal setting aligned with values.

     Empowering Personal Growth: Identify areas for growth, thrive in midlife.

    Expert Guidance and Resources: Navigate midlife complexities with expert support and tailored tools.

    Renewed Confidence and Resilience: Cultivate resilience, rediscover strengths, embrace the next chapter with purpose.

     Empower yourself to embrace change, set meaningful goals, and flourish in midlife's transformative phase. LIFE FOCUS 360 recalibrates, resets, and propels you toward a vibrant and purposeful midlife.



      • Pre-program questionnaire
      • 1x 120mins one-to-one Life Focus 360 coaching session
      • 1x 60mins follow-up, accountability, and next steps session
      • WhatsApp and/or email support between the two sessions
      • Life tools and techniques to take you forward


      • Online video call – Microsoft Teams


      • £350
      You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go do them.
      E.F. LAMPREY

      Be Inspired

      “I liked the interactive sessions. They gave me a chance to really talk through my goals and what I wanted to achieve.

      The whole day for me was excellent. It was a chance for me to take time out and really think about my life and what was important.”


      “Being in a group and seeing where people are at made me realise that we all have fears and things that hold us back. Being able to look at these, break them down and realise that the only thing that is stopping me is me made me realise that I have so much opportunity in my life.

      It was also great to go away with some concrete actions and some life tools I can use again.”


      Say Hello!

      Have a question? Want to share an idea? Ready to start coaching? I’m here to help.

      Feel free to call 0750 3040790, use this form, drop me an email or private message me on Menogo’s social media.

      EMAIL: [email protected]

      PHONE: 0750 3040790

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