Experienced Midlife Transition Coach, Lynda Brown has launched ‘The Midlife Slice’, a comprehensive support program of workshops, day retreats and free events to help women who are navigating the challenges of their middle years. Running from now until October, these group coaching, life skills and wellbeing sessions will focus on various work, life, and personal issues faced by women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, with all in-person support taking place in Lynda’s garden retreat in Bournemouth.

Lynda, creator of The Midlife Slice, explains: “Midlife is a difficult period of transition for many women who face multiple, simultaneous stressors. Not only are they dealing with the challenges of perimenopause or menopause, many also face challenging family dynamics, rebalancing work or personal life, career stagnation, personal health problems, relationship breakdown and/or the responsibility of caring for ageing loved ones. All these factors can contribute to anxiety, overwhelm, decline in self-esteem and confidence plus a loss of identity, purpose, and direction.

“Amidst all of this, women find themselves reassessing who they are and what is truly important to them in life. They yearn for a greater sense of wellbeing and happiness, whilst also striving to achieve personal goals, but where can they go for help?

“GPs offer help to manage the symptoms of perimenopause, and there are many other reputable resources that offer useful information about how to survive midlife, but there is a definite lack of opportunity for women to explore how they are feeling, whilst also connecting with others facing similar situations, and finding the support and direction they need to reduce overwhelm and prevent a potential midlife crisis.”

The Midlife Slice offers a comprehensive solution to address these challenges. The program tackles topics including the menopause and the importance of agency, self-care and creating balance; how to enter a new decade with positivity rather than fear, and how, by discovering what true confidence is, it can become your midlife superpower. Participants learn how to improve wellbeing through rituals, routines, and healthy habits, gain new life skills, perspectives, and understandings, and by giving themselves time and space to explore, start to answer some of life’s significant questions, such as ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What’s next for me?’.

Sessions take place in small groups, hosted by Lynda in a specifically designed lunar bell tent in the ambiance of Lynda’s garden, providing a unique, immersive and inspiring environment that fosters a sense of freedom and tranquillity. Spending time outside, in nature connecting with others who face similar challenges, is known to generate positive emotions such as calmness, joy, reflection and ‘a-ha moments’. As part of the program, The Midlife Slice is offering several free-to-attend experiences including Mindfulness Walks, Beach Journaling and Sea Dips, and Let’s Talk About Menopause gatherings.

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