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Menogo is a way of being. It’s about self-discovery, self-love, being fit in mind, body and spirit. It’s about understanding what makes you happy, and what doesn’t… and it’s about giving yourself what you need to thrive.

It may sound selfish, but it’s a good kind of selfish… as when you live life from a place of passion, wellth and self-love you become your best self. So, not only do you get to live the life you want, everyone around you benefits from a healthier, happier and more passionate you.

Now that’s the kind of selfish we all should champion.

Conversation is good for the soul.


Until my late 40’s I didn’t really know too much about menopause. I hadn’t experienced any of the crazy symptoms that I had heard about and I even thought that menopause might not even happen to me… as if I had a choice!

But as I started to have conversations with friends and family, and explored what the leading experts had to say, I realised that my perimenopausal hormone activity was behind the questions I had been asking myself, the life-decisions I had been making and the changes in perspective I been having for feasibly the last ten years.

Menopause will be different for everyone, but by sharing our experiences and educating ourselves we have the opportunity to make the most of this life changing phase. Yes, there may be some crazy symptoms and realities to deal with, but there are many upsides too.

Menogo’s mission is to ensure as many women as possible make the most of this opportunity; that they embrace it, feel empowered by it and accept it for the exciting period of change and reinvention it can be.

Join the conversation and see where menopause can take you.


Nicole Kidman, Davina McCall, Julia Roberts, Liz Hurley, and Sarah Jessica Parker have all turned 50 in recent years. Helen Mirren is in her 70’s, Jenifer Anniston and Kate Moss in their mid-late 40’s… need I say more?

My point is, that in today’s world women over the age of 40 have never had so much choice, freedom and opportunity to step into themselves and really shine!

My question is, are you ready to really make the most of the second half of your life?

Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind.
Jackie Joyner-Kersee


Now is the time to make sense of the years you have already lived, take stock of what you would like your next years to look like and actively commit to giving your life passion, purpose and meaning.

The first halves of our lives are so often all about giving; giving to our careers, our families, our relationships. As full and exciting as these years are, the second half of our lives need not be a change of pace, instead it can be all about receiving; receiving the time, the freedom and the confidence to live the lives we are now ready to live.

Coaching during such an interesting stage of your life can open up a whole new chapter for you – full of more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

Your Best Life Yet – The Journey Starts Here

Are you ready to find the answers to your mid-life questions? Be the master of your menopause? Live a life of purpose and passion? Be healthy and fit in mind, body and spirit? Redefine what being 40, and beyond, means? And inspire others to do the same?

Then say YES! to you.

Explore what Menogo coaching can offer you.

Life Coaching

Better together. Working with me will bring out the best in you.


Create your own personal outcomes whilst benefiting from the collective wisdom of the group.


Take time out to make the second half of your life, the best half.

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    Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.
    George Addair

    Be Inspired

    “96 per cent of 40-plus women don’t feel middle-aged at all”
    The Telegraph Survey 2017

    “Forty-plus women today look, feel and live differently than the generation before them – 90 per cent consider themselves to have a much younger attitude than their own mother’s generation at the same age.”
    The Telegraph Survey 2017

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