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Specialist wellness & life coach for ‘perimenopausal & beyond’ females. Healthy living advocate & Menogo Founder.

Aged 39 to 49…

Learning to say YES! to myself

In my late 30’s and early 40’s I started to ask myself different questions, perimenopause questions about life; was there more to life than work? Would I find my soulmate relationship? Did I want children? Should I foster or adopt? Or was I happy as the ‘cool aunt’ and the freedom that gave me? How could I create more of the life I wanted? How could I get my finances into a position where I could work less and enjoy life more?…

At 40 I was living a full-on and faced paced life in London, working at a corporate career in marketing where emails late at night or over a weekend were the norm. At least three nights a week I was away from home and although I exercised regularly and ate relatively healthily I knew I was putting my mind and body under pressure with stress and long hours. And after 10 years of living this way, I had started to crave a more balanced and holistic way of life. I wanted a life that involved a lot less commuting and a lot more living!

Ageing is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.

David Bowie

Ten years on and my life is very different. I live on the south coast; enjoy a portfolio career as a freelance marketing consultant, life coach and landlady and thrive on the freedom, flexibility and variety which they afford me. I start each day by putting myself first; I commit to a morning ritual, exercise, eat a healthy breakfast and do whatever I needed to do before I even turn on the computer. I regularly go to the beach, waterski and swim in the sea; I socialise with family and friends, travel and say yes to so many more things than I used to be able to.

Stepping back, taking stock, seeking the support of a coach, saying “YES!” to myself and taking action in my 40’s was one of the best things I ever did.

So what about you? Are you where you want to be? Are you living how you want to live?

And From 49 to 50…

The year I stepped up

As I approached my 49th birthday my thoughts were more about next year’s birthday, the big 5-0 and how I REALLY didn’t want to be 50. I wasn’t ready to be 50. I didn’t look 50. I certainly didn’t feel 50 and there was so much more I wanted to do, see and be in life.

But I felt stuck and if I’m honest, panicked and down about the whole thing. I didn’t get it. I’d got my life in pretty good shape, I was in good health, I was happy, and much of what I had wanted at 40 I had now achieved … and then I got it! The clue was in ‘had now achieved’. I needed to create a new, more energising and inspiring vision for 50 and beyond.

So I set a whole weekend aside for me, my imagination, Google, a huge pile of magazines and a pin board.

I asked myself ‘Who did I want to be?’, ‘What did I want to achieve?’, ‘What would I regret in five or ten years’ time if I didn’t do, see, be it?’ and ‘If I truly loved myself… what would I give myself?’… and what came up for me was just perfect.

I am not an ordinary woman, my dreams come true.

Daenerys Targaryen

I was now excited about my year ahead and the thoughts of what I might achieve in the next decade…

  • To be in my best shape ever – mentally, physically and spiritually
  • Realise my business ambitions for Menogo and enjoy every moment of the journey
  • Travel more and say YES to life’s adventures
  • Live and work abroad a few months of the year
  • A coaching and wellbeing retreat for women 40+
  • Focus on those in my life who I love, value and respect; Let go of those who no longer serve me
  • Spend more time with my parents
  • Love myself unconditionally and be ready to meet my soulmate
  • Truly believe that life is here to support me
  • To rock being 50 and inspire others to do the same

It was the year I was going to ask myself to step up, to whole-heartedly believe in myself, to do what makes me truly happy, to fully realise my dreams and say YES! YES! YES! to being my best, most loving self.

I’d got my mojo back… I was going to rock 50 and beyond.

Is this true of you? Are you rocking 40, 50 and beyond? Are you embracing the second half of your life with passion and excitement? Are you doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t?


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Then say YES! to you.

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    Age is no barrier, it’s a limitation you put on your mind…

    Jackie Joyner-Kersee

    Be Inspired

    “When I first met Lynda I instantly felt she was a very dynamic, positive and beautiful person inside and out.  There is an instant feeling of warmth and a genuine desire to help and listen. Lynda helped me by suggesting positive ways of dealing with life.

    Instead of seeing the negative – she helped me to turn it round and make it positive – even if life takes you in a different direction as a result. Her wise words of ‘life is for living not existing’ were profound for me.”


    “As soon as you meet Lynda you feel at ease, she’s genuine and kind, and comfortable in her own skin.  I’ve worked with her over a number of years, she’s guided me through some tough times with wise words and practical techniques, always reminding me that there’s a way, and that dark times turn to light.”


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