If you are feeling stuck, try journaling or vision boarding … or better still, a combination of the two!

Here’s why!

**Clarity and Self-reflection** Writing in a journal or creating a vision board enables you to articulate your thoughts and feelings. This process can help you gain clarity on what’s bothering you or what you want to achieve.

**Self-discovery** Both journaling and vision boarding provide the opportunity for introspection, gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, and exploring values and beliefs, all of which can help you clarify what truly matters to you.

**Uncovering Passions and Interests** Vision boarding involves selecting images, words and symbols that resonate with you. This process can reveal your passions, interests, and desires that you may not have fully recognised. Journaling can stimulate your imagination and inspire innovative ideas.

**Problem Solving** Journaling allows you to explore your problems and brainstorm solutions. It’s like having a conversation with yourself, which can lead to insights you might not have had otherwise.

**Identifying Patterns** Keeping a journal over time can help you recognise recurring patterns in your behaviour, thoughts, and feelings. This insight can be crucial for personal growth and change.

**Emotional Release** Both practices can serve as outlets for stress and anxiety. Expressing your thoughts and exploring your identity, and what’s important to you, can provide a sense of relief and calm.

**Boosting Confidence** As you gain a better understanding of who you are, you may also boost your self-esteem and confidence. This self-assurance can empower you to pursue your dreams.

**Setting Authentic Goals** Through self-discovery, you can set goals that align with your true self, rather than what others expect of you. This leads to more fulfilling pursuits.

Journaling and vision boarding are tools that help you connect with your inner self, provide clarity, motivation, and a sense of purpose, ultimately helping you move past feeling stuck and towards personal growth and achievement.


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