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“If you’re struggling with your hormones or any aspect of the menopause, this is definitely the women-only retreat you need to choose.” Review My Retreat

A women’s retreat 2018 is one of the biggest trends for travel and they look set to grow over the coming months and years. We have compiled a guide of women’s retreat ideas for you and not only included yoga retreats but wellness retreats, surf retreats, raw food retreats, transformative experiences or just the chance to relax and unwind in a safe and supportive, women-only environment, there’s a unique wellness retreat out there waiting for you. Because nothing beats stress, overwhelming health problems, or even a lack of direction in life than booking a trip, getting away from it all, reconnecting with nature and nurturing yourself for a change. Especially if it involves a tropical location, like a Bali Women’s retreat!

There’s also something special about being part of a group of women who are all looking to grow, to share, to support and to have fun together that just can’t be matched in a mixed-sex environment. We’ve worked hard and left no stone unturned in our quest to find you the best women’s retreat 2018. Some are a bit of a splurge, some are more budget-friendly, but they’ll all help you shake off stress, hit that reset button and have a ton of fun at the same time. Read on!

Europe Women’s Retreat – Menogo Wellness Retreats, Spain

Menogo Retreat View

Start putting yourself first and give yourself some TLC by joining Lynda and her team for the Menogo Retreat for Mind, Body, Spirit & Menopause.

From the top of a hill in the stunning Andalucian countryside, looking down on acres of olive and lemon trees, you’ll learn how to make the most of your blessings, move forward with enthusiasm, energy and self-awareness, and create brand new healthy habits that will allow you to make the second half of your life, the best half.

Be aware that this isn’t purely a women’s yoga retreat, nor a women’s wellness retreat, more like a masterful blend of the two- offering life coaching sessions alongside yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions, healthy food and great sleep, self-care rituals and plenty of the fresh Mediterranean air.

If you’re struggling with your hormones or any aspect of the menopause, this is definitely the women-only retreat you need to choose.

Style of yoga: Various (please check with retreat organisers)
Price range: Luxury
Food: Fresh healthy foods for hormonal health
Activities: Life coaching, yoga, meditation, massage, waterskiing, paddle boarding, cycling and rock climbing, Hormone Mastery Workshop

Pros: Perfect if you want to heal your hormones and feel great
Cons: Might not be the best choice if you’re under 35 and not concerned about your hormones

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Lynda Brown
Lynda Brown

Specialist wellness & life coach for ‘perimenopausal & beyond’ females. Passionate about helping women make the second half of their lives, their best half. Healthy living advocate & Menogo Founder.

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